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The Federation offers many opportunities to get involved. Whether you are interested in joining a committee or administrative board, contributing to curriculum development, or applying to facilitate, we would love to work with you.

Thanks to the volunteers who served on Federation committees and boards in 2019-20. We acknowledge and appreciate the time and effort you put forward. Without the support of our volunteers, we could not be as successful as we are today.

Current Openings

Depending on your area of interest there is a committee or administrative board for you. From providing input into teacher education programs and practicum to playing a vital role in the management of a benefit plan, each position is specialized and is an excellent opportunity for professional growth.

Each appointment has specific duties and responsibilities, and the time commitment and meeting frequency will vary depending on the position. Location is not an issue as teachers are invited from across the province to apply for current openings. Check out the current openings below and join us to learn more about the issues that matter to Saskatchewan teachers and make an important contribution to your profession.

No opportunities available at this time.

The Federation aims to engage as many members as possible in organizational operations. Preference will be given to those who do not currently hold other positions in office, committees or boards; however, members may apply for as many openings as desired.

Exploring the Many Pathways to Learning

Exploring the Many Pathways to Learning is a resources evaluation project that engages teachers in the evaluation of learning resources for use in Saskatchewan classrooms. Your participation in this project will support teacher colleagues across the province by providing recommendations of resources in real and virtual formats, vetted by teachers, to support Saskatchewan’s diverse learners.

Members are required to evaluate resources for renewed curricula. All terms are for one year upon appointment with the potential for renewal of an additional term. Applicants are encouraged to discuss their application with their employer. Read more on the curricular areas included, the qualifications required of evaluators and the process for application.

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For more information or to apply please visit the Ministry of Education.

No opportunities available at this time.