Get Involved

The Federation offers many opportunities to get involved. Whether you are interested in joining a committee or administrative board, contributing to curriculum development, or applying to facilitate, we would love to work with you.

We acknowledge and appreciate the time, effort and support of our members who volunteer to support the work of the Federation.

Current Openings

Teachers across the province are invited to apply before May 3, 2021 for openings on Federation committees. These opportunities are a great way to learn more about the issues that matter to Saskatchewan teachers and to make an important contribution to your profession.

The Federation aims to engage as many members as possible in organizational operations. Preference will be given to those who do not currently hold other positions in office, committees or boards; however, members may apply for as many openings as desired.

Exploring the Many Pathways to Learning

Exploring the Many Pathways to Learning is a resources evaluation project that engages teachers in the evaluation of learning resources for use in Saskatchewan classrooms. Your participation in this project will support teacher colleagues across the province by providing recommendations of resources in real and virtual formats, vetted by teachers, to support Saskatchewan’s diverse learners.

Members are required to evaluate resources for renewed curricula. All terms are for one year upon appointment with the potential for renewal of an additional term. Applicants are encouraged to discuss their application with their employer. Read more on the curricular areas included, the qualifications required of evaluators and the process for application.

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Provincial Facilitator Community

The Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation, through STF Professional Learning, has developed the Provincial Facilitator Community to support the lifelong learning of teachers by providing innovative and high-quality professional growth opportunities. This community consists of a diverse group of dedicated educators who are supported in their understanding of quality professional development and the art of facilitation. In turn, participants plan and facilitate professional learning opportunities in their area of expertise for teachers throughout the province.

Selected participants will have opportunities for collaborative professional learning within the community and will be supported in their skill and knowledge development. 

Teachers, school-based administrators and consultants who have a passion for teaching and learning are encouraged to get involved. 

In 2021-22 we hope to develop or grow cohorts in several areas including early learning, early literacy, mathematics, accreditation, social and emotional well-being and instructional leadership.

A minimum of five days of release is required by each individual in the community from their employer. Expenses related to sub release and travel will be reimbursed based on the principles of reasonable and actual expenses as guided by Travel Reimbursement for Members. An honorarium will be paid to facilitators in lieu of the planning time required to prepare for professional learning facilitation days and workshops.   

Deadline for application: March 26, 2021

To apply complete the online application form and the Support for Membership form

For more information, please contact:

Shaun McEachern, Director
Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation Professional Learning

As referenced in Clause 12.3.2 of the 2019-2023 Provincial Collective Bargaining Agreement, a teacher acting as an elected or appointed member of a committee of the Federation who attends a meeting called by the Federation, shall be granted leave and shall suffer no loss of salary and benefits during the course of an academic year for any days required to fulfil the duties of that office. 

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For more information or to apply please visit the Ministry of Education.

No opportunities available at this time.

No opportunities available at this time.