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CTF Advisory Committee on the Teaching Profession

Posting Date: 
February 26, 2019
Closing Date: 
March 15, 2019

Advisory Committee on the Teaching Profession

2-year term


Comité consultatif de la profession enseignante

Terme de 2 ans

Terms of Reference

  1. Explore “our” meaning of professionalism for teachers.
  2. To advise the Executive Committee on important issues and concerns that impact the identify and reputation of public education teachers.
  3. To advise the Executive Committee on ways to enhance professionalism through the work of CTF.
  4. To advise the Executive Committee on relevant specific questions of practice and policy, documents, dialogue and/or events.
  5. Actively monitor legislative and regulatory issues and developments relevant to the mission of CTF in protecting and promoting the profession.



  1. Explorer « notre » définition du professionnalisme du personnel enseignant;
  2. Conseiller le Comité exécutif sur d’importantes questions et préoccupations qui ont des répercussions sur l’identité et la réputation des enseignantes et enseignants des écoles publiques;
  3. Conseiller le Comité exécutif sur les moyens de rehausser le professionnalisme grâce au travail de la FCE;
  4. Conseiller le Comité exécutif sur des questions de pratique et de politique stratégique, les documents, le dialogue ou les évènements pertinents;
  5. Surveiller activement les questions et les activités législatives et règlementaires touchant la mission de la FCE de protéger et de promouvoir la profession.


Potential candidates must be members of the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation.

Committee members are appointed by the Canadian Teachers Federation. The STF will submit names to the CTF for consideration.

Deadline for application: March 15, 2019

To apply, complete the online application form and attach a short rationale explaining your strengths and/or experiences that you would bring to the Committee. If you have questions, please contact:

Scott Burant
Managing Director, Member Services
Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation
1-800-667-7762 or

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