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Provincial Collective Bargaining Advisory Panels

Posting Date: 
January 31, 2023
Closing Date: 
March 1, 2023

12 - 15 members per panel

Help shape the future of the teaching profession. This is an exciting opportunity to join your professional colleagues to share thoughts, experiences and advice with the Federation in the provincial collective bargaining process. Three advisory panels will be established for the upcoming round of provincial collective bargaining consisting of members from across the province who will bring multiple perspectives to ongoing negotiations and potential job action/sanctions.

In addition to ongoing consultations with the STF Executive and local association presidents, the advisory panels will support and provide for increased member engagement throughout the bargaining process.

As a member of the panel, you will:

  1. Learn about the provincial bargaining/negotiation process.
  2. Provide feedback to the Executive and the Teachers’ Bargaining Committee proposal attainment/counter proposals.
  3. Serve as bargaining ambassadors to the larger membership of the STF.
  4. Provide feedback and contextual information on potential and ongoing sanctions.

The advisory panels will meet virtually outside of school hours as called by the Teachers’ Bargaining Committee or by the STF bargaining support staff.

12 - 15 members will be recruited to sit on each of the following three panels:

  1. Working Conditions
  2. Compensation and Benefits
  3. Sanctions

Teachers across the province are invited to apply before March 1, 2023.

To apply, complete the online application form by clicking on the Apply Now button and indicate which of the committees you are interested in.

Please forward questions to:

Scott Burant
Managing Director, Member Services
Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation

As referenced in Clause 12.3.2 of the 2019-2023 Provincial Collective Bargaining Agreement, a teacher acting as an elected or appointed member of a committee of the Federation who attends a meeting called by the Federation, shall be granted leave and shall suffer no loss of salary and benefits during the course of an academic year for any days required to fulfil the duties of that office.

The Federation aims to engage as many members as possible in organizational operations. Preference will be given to those who do not currently hold other positions in office, committees or boards; however, members may apply for as many openings as desired.

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