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STF Pension and Benefits Board of Directors (STF Members)

Posting Date: 
February 25, 2021
Closing Date: 
May 3, 2021

Three STF members required – Three-year term, renewable

The Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation Executive is inviting applications from active STF members for two vacancies on the STF Pension and Benefits Board of Directors. The Board meets approximately four to five times per year.

The Board plays a vital role in the trusteeship of the pension and benefit plans and is comprised of six individuals who are active STF members and two independent professionals with specialized knowledge in the area of pension and benefits. Board responsibilities, as delegated by the STF Executive, include:

  • Develop or amend, approve and implement Board policies and/or processes to guide how the Board carries out its work and fulfils its responsibilities.
  • Engage in:
    • Planning processes to identify Board priorities and goals.
    • Processes to identify competencies needed to carry out responsibilities delegated to the Board, and competencies possessed by each board member and the Board as a whole.
    • Director development opportunities to strengthen the knowledge, skills and judgment required to fulfil responsibilities.
    • Board evaluation processes to strengthen the effective functioning of the Board.
  • Monitor and evaluate progress achieved in meeting the Board’s goals and making adjustments to the goals as needed in response to changing circumstances.
  • Work with Federation staff, who provide governance support, leadership and recommendations to the Board, and consultants who may be engaged by the Federation to assist with discussions and decision making of the Board.

Successful candidates will have integrity and a strong sense of ethics, as well as outstanding communication and interpersonal skills. Diversity of age and gender, cultural heritage and geographic distribution are also considered within the context of the required skills and attributes. Candidates must be active STF members and must not be in receipt of disability benefits.

In addition to the qualities listed above, the board chairperson will have a demonstrable record of leadership, experience chairing committees or small meetings, and the ability to draw upon the wisdom of all board members to reach consensus or a majority of opinion on matters presented.

Deadline for application: May 3, 2021

To apply, please complete the online application form and attach your resumé and cover letter.

Please forward questions to:

Scott Burant, Managing Director, Member Services
Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation

As referenced in Clause 12.3.2 of the 2019-2023 Provincial Collective Bargaining Agreement, a teacher acting as an elected or appointed member of a committee of the Federation who attends a meeting called by the Federation, shall be granted leave and shall suffer no loss of salary and benefits during the course of an academic year for any days required to fulfil the duties of that office.

The Federation aims to engage as many members as possible in organizational operations. Preference will be given to those who do not currently hold other positions in office, committees or boards; however, members may apply for as many openings as desired.

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