Board’s MHP Benefit Review Underway

April 22, 2022

Earlier this year, the Pension and Benefits Board of Directors began the process of reviewing the benefits under the Members’ Health Plan.

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Every three to five years, the Board conducts a full and complete examination of the health plan’s benefits and design. The review takes into consideration teacher feedback on the benefit plans and analyzes the impact of proposed benefit changes on funding levels while also comparing the benefits to industry standards. This helps to determine whether any changes are warranted to the Plan’s design and ensures teachers continue to have access to a comprehensive and meaningful benefit plan that will remain stable in the long term.

The Board will have six months to make decisions on their course of action following the review. Any changes to coverage will be communicated to membership.

Wondering how to submit your MHP benefit change proposals?

If you have a suggestion for changes to the Members’ Health Plan benefits, the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation encourages you to use the Benefit Change Proposal tool on our website to submit your suggestions. These proposals help inform the benefit review process and are the easiest way to communicate what benefits you would like to see covered to the Board.