Bulletin will have a new look without additional expense

September 9, 2015
By Jens Nielsen | Editor

You will notice a new look to the Saskatchewan Bulletin in your respective staff rooms as you return to school for a new year.

There are several reasons for this; not the least of which is the fact that PrintWest in Saskatoon, where the publication has been printed for decades, has closed its doors, and although we are still able to maintain the same costs by having it done at a sister location operated by the same firm in Regina, the press configurations are such that you will notice a shinier, heavier stock.

You can be assured that despite its more glossy appearance, the paper is still recyclable and there will be no increase in overall printing cost, although we have no control regarding any potential mailing increases passed on by Canada Post.

You might recall that as a result of a resolution passed at the Annual Meeting of Council, the number of copies of the Bulletin distributed last year was almost halved with the intention of having one newspaper copy for every five teachers on staff at each school. This resulted in a saving of nearly $10,000, from $97,370 to just over $87,000–which included $17,400 brought in through advertising revenue.

In terms of trying to incorporate new ideas in the publication in the coming months, aside from the re-design that is evident in the September issue, there will be two new columns including Supporting the Profession, which will be penned by Saskatchewan Professional Development Unit Director Terry Johanson and it will replace the Starting Out feature in an effort to broaden the scope beyond just the newcomers to the profession.

There will also be a column entitled Why the Arts Matter, which will incorporate a host of contributors who will chronicle the importance of the arts component in a well-rounded education model for our students.

As in the past, the paper copy of the Bulletin is a way in which we try to balance the needs of multiple audiences, which also include publishing the Bulletin in electronic form as the e-Bulletin, which is available on the Federation website.