Cheer Crate campaign continues

Sask Bulletin
September 15, 2021
By Jens Nielsen, former Bulletin editor

More than 700 families were provided with food, games and personal care items through the delivery of Cheer Crates from the Saskatoon Public Schools Foundation following the latest event held during the summer months.

The Cheer Crate campaign was created to support Saskatoon Public Schools’ families in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. More than 2,900 Cheer Crates filled with food, learning materials and necessities were delivered to families last year during distribution days in May, June, September and December.

“Schools are the heart of our community and a place where students receive nutrition, education and emotional support,” said SPSF Executive Director Zeba Ahmad. “Because of the response from the community and the need identified within SPS families, Saskatoon Public Schools Foundation hopes to continue delivering Cheer Crates in June and December each year so that families have some much-needed extras during extended school breaks.”

Cheer Crates are valued at approximately $100 each and include food items such as dairy products, eggs, bread, fruits and vegetables, cereal and canned goods as well as books, hygiene items and fun activities for the family. Community school coordinators and staff in Saskatoon Public Schools helped identify families that would benefit from the support provided by Cheer Crates.


Volunteers are shown packaging the Cheer Crates to distribute to families from Saskatoon Public Schools in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Almost 3,000 Cheer Crates have been delivered over the past year to support families in need with items such as food, personal hygiene items and fun activities for the family.


A wide coalition of businesses and community organizations donated money, food, supplies and volunteer time to support the Cheer Crate project including the Saskatoon Downtown Canadian Progress Club, Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Center, Nutrien and Saskatchewan Egg Producers. Approximately 60 volunteers are part of the packing and delivery process, along with teachers and staff who deliver Cheer Crates to families.

The Saskatoon Public Schools Foundation is an independent charity dedicated to enhancing learning opportunities for students at Saskatoon Public Schools. SPSF partners with committed businesses, organizations and individuals to bring school communities together and support programs that go above and beyond government funded educational services.

Last fall, SPSF launched its $20 million Early Learning Equal Start campaign to support early childhood education. The campaign goal is to ensure all children are reading at grade level by Grade 3, a key indicator of future success in school. SPSF will fund full-day prekindergarten at 13 schools and full-day kindergarten at 14 schools as well as summer reading camp and an expanded literacy tutor program through the 2021-26 school years. To learn more about its work, visit