Concerns About School Reopening Plans Persist

August 4, 2020
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

The Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation is encouraged the Ministry of Education is considering masks in schools as a contingency plan; however, a number of questions and concerns remain.

“We all want to return to the classroom, but it must be done safely,” said Patrick Maze, President, Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation. “Considering masks is a step in the right direction. Teachers and parents are questioning whether this is enough and why there are inconsistencies between the broader public health measures and what is required in schools.”

The Federation acknowledges a return to school will not be completely risk-free, but should be made as safe as possible by exploring all options to avoid the Three Cs – closed spaces, crowded spaces and close contacts – in schools.

“A successful return to school is important for students, families, communities and the economy,” said Maze. “Student safety goes beyond the classroom. Parents, teachers and students deserve to be confident in the plans. Resources to prevent transmission, access to testing and capacity of public health to handle large volumes of contact tracing are imperative.”

The Federation encourages parents to review and understand what procedures are in place for their child’s school. Since each division created its plan, divisions and elected trustees are best positioned to answer specific questions.

Note: If you were unable to join the online news conference, please contact the Federation for access to a recording.