Davidson cites importance of working together with teachers

Sask Bulletin
May 30, 2019

Shawn Davidson

SSBA President Shawn Davidson was part of opening day speeches.

Even though they might sometimes see things differently, Saskatchewan School Boards Association President Shawn Davidson went to great lengths to tell those attending the Annual Meeting of Council that his organization holds teachers in the highest esteem.

“We at the SSBA respect and value the important relationship we have with the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation and our other education partner organizations in this province,” Davidson stated.

Saskatchewan has long been the envy of other jurisdictions for the partnership model that has been in existence–even if there have been hiccups sometimes along the way. It is a partnership Davidson maintains has never been more important, adding that it is integral to maintaining public education funding, in particular.

“We collectively continue to demonstrate that, through partnership and collaboration, we can improve educational opportunities and outcomes for students in our province. Our organizations share a dedication to excellence in education.

“Boards of education recognize and appreciate the vitally important, professional and dedicated service STF members provide to the children and youth in our school systems. We know that you share the belief that education should be a priority for investment in our province. We all know that a big part of this success is realized when teachers and staff also have the supports and resources they need.”

According to Davidson, the 27 boards who are members of the SSBA continue to advocate for all students to have the resources they need to succeed and achieve, no matter where they live or their personal circumstances.

Davidson indicated that as a democratic and voluntary organization, the SSBA ensures advocacy, leadership and support for member boards of education by speaking as the unified voice of publicly funded education, offering opportunities for board development and providing information and services.