Diabetes Awareness Month focuses on a collaborative effort to End Diabetes

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November 13, 2020

Today, one in three Canadians has diabetes or pre-diabetes, and those at age 20 now face a 50 per cent chance of developing the disease. That means roughly 11 million Canadians are living with diabetes, with another person diagnosed every three minutes. All of this according to Diabetes Canada, which is leading the #EndDiabetes campaign for Diabetes Awareness Month.

Not only is diabetes widespread among our greater society, but it’s effects can have devastating consequences for those who live with it. Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness, and contributes to 30 percent of strokes and 40 percent of heart attacks. Roughly 70% of all non-traumatic foot and leg amputations are associated with the disease.

Those are just the physical health impacts, but diabetes takes a mental and emotional toll as well.  The demands of managing blood sugars and insulin levels often lead to anxiety and feelings of overwhelm. And because some stigma exists, many diabetics hesitate to tell others about their condition and feel they have no one to talk to about diabetes-related stress.

With all that said, diabetes is manageable. With the right resources and supports, those with diabetes can lead healthy, happy lives. For more information on diabetes and diabetes management, visit the Diabetes Canada website. You can also view the STF Members’ Health Plan coverage for diabetic supplies & equipment, or contact the STF Member & Family Assistance Program to set up a meeting with a certified health and wellness coach that can help develop a diabetic-friendly nutrition and exercise plan.