Government Jacks CEO Salaries While Asking Teachers to Accept Less

September 20, 2018
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation President Patrick Maze says recent media coverage raises some fundamental questions about the current government’s approach to bargaining, wages and Crown executive remuneration.

“It seems while our Education Minister was asking teachers to accept pay cuts, Crown CEOs were getting raises of anywhere from 16 to 26 percent,” Maze said.

“Teachers have every right to be upset about this. They were sold a bill of goods about how everyone was going to help out during tough times.

“Meanwhile, top Crown corporation executives were laughing all the way to the bank,” Maze said.

Maze also challenged public comments by Education Minister Gord Wyant, who claimed he was ready to abandon the demand for teacher wage rollbacks, following a series of meetings in May.

“Nothing could be further from the truth. That offer was never made because if it was, the government’s bargaining team would have changed its demands — and they didn’t,” Maze said.

“In fact, as the arbitrator said himself on page 28 of his recent report, that the government stuck to its wage rollback demands right up until the end of bargaining and throughout the arbitration hearings.”

“Asking teachers to take less while at the same time letting others raid the treasury is simply wrong,” Maze said.

“Teachers have every right to be angry.”