Important Information About Health Plan Coverage for Retiring Members

April 5, 2021

Health Plan

If you are planning on retiring at the end of the school year, a reminder that your STF Members’ Health Plan coverage will end on the first day that you begin receiving your pension, even if you are starting a new contract in the fall.

The Pension & Benefit Board of Directors recently updated its interpretations of the MHP Plan Text to provide more clarification on this topic. The interpretations state that you are no longer eligible for MHP coverage as of your retirement date, which the Board defines as “the date that retirement benefits first become payable under the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Retirement Plan or the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Superannuation Plan.”

However, if you plan to return to teaching following your retirement date, you will become eligible for MHP benefits again on the first school day of your new contract.

So if you’re retiring at the end of this school year but still returning to the classroom in the fall, you won’t have MHP coverage throughout the summer. However, once you return to the classroom, your coverage will be reinstated.

The Federation strongly recommends retiring members apply for health benefits prior to their retirement date to ensure there is no gap in coverage. The Superannuated Teachers of Saskatchewan provides health benefits for retired teachers and allows its members to suspend coverage if they are returning to the classroom. Applications to the STS must be received prior to the 15th of the month preceding your retirement date. Visit for more information.