Maze Elected to Fifth Term as STF President

May 3, 2019
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

SASKATOON – Delegates to the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation Annual Meeting of Council have re-elected Patrick Maze to a fifth term as President.

“I’m truly honoured by the support given to me by teachers all across the province,” Maze said. “As our Executive Director Randy Schmaltz said in his speech yesterday, relationships in Saskatchewan’s education system are broken. The result is teachers are now trying to serve more students with greater needs in classrooms where they have fewer and fewer supports.

“As the organization representing 13,500 professionals across Saskatchewan, it’s our job to defend public education and make sure it’s properly resourced,” Maze said.

“That’s the mandate I have received from our members today, and I intend to work tirelessly to fulfil it.”

In a few short weeks, the Federation will begin talks on a new provincewide collective agreement for teachers.

“In addition to looking for fair compensation for teachers, we’ll also be looking for significant investments in classroom supports to improve the lives of students and teachers,” Maze said.

“After several years of austerity budgets, we truly hope trustees and government agree more classroom supports are needed.”