Maze Re-Elected as STF President

April 27, 2018
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Patrick Maze has been re-elected for a fourth term as President of the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation at the Annual Meeting of Council.

Maze suggested that teachers have given a vote of confidence to the STF Executive as confirmed in the voting. He attributed it to the fact the Executive has shown that they are listening to teachers and making the changes they are wanting.

Contemplating the year ahead, Maze made it clear that teacher voice needs to be restored at the provincial level when it comes to decisions that affect their daily working lives.

“Partnerships need to be substantially improved and there is a lot of distrust in the sector as a result of the fact that too often teachers are not feeling part of the consultation process,” Maze said, suggesting that too often the Ministry of Education and the provincial leadership team are making decisions with a lack of teacher representation in the process.

“There are lots of opportunities for government to reconnect with teachers and we’re hoping that will happen,” Maze noted.

Although there have been indications that Premier Scott Moe and his team are committed to reconnecting with education, Maze suggested there needs to be substantive evidence of this stated commitment.

“There has to be action behind what we have been hearing, and government fails to listen to teachers at their own peril. Teachers are the voice of students, and we have to maintain our momentum and make sure education is at the forefront,” Maze emphasized.