Minister’s Committee is an Attempt to Sidestep Bargaining Process

November 6, 2019
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

The guidelines released today for the Provincial Committee on Class Size and Composition fall short of addressing the issues as presented by the Federation during provincial collective bargaining. The Federation believes the Committee lacks authority and public accountability.

 “The list of committees and reports that have failed to implement changes in education is long,” said Patrick Maze, President of the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation. “Government only announced this committee after we brought the issue forward and presented solutions- including a fund dedicated to provide necessary supports in classrooms - at the bargaining table. This alone is evidence of the need to address this through provincial collective bargaining.”

The Federation first presented this as a provincial collective bargaining issue to the Government-Trustee Bargaining Committee in May. It continues to be actively discussed in negotiations as recent as last week, when the Government-Trustee Bargaining Committee presented data that confirms the increasingly complex needs in classrooms.

“This appears to be the Provincial Government’s attempt at sidestepping the bargaining process and demonstrates bad faith bargaining,” said Maze. “Half of Saskatchewan’s teachers said the issue of class size and composition was as important as their own compensation and the Federation remains committed to addressing this through provincial collective bargaining.”

Provincial collective bargaining continues November 13 and 14.