Saskatchewan Government Fails Students and Ignores Reality in Schools

News Release

The Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation is baffled by the government’s disregard for students. Budget 2023-24 fails to provide adequate funding for increasing student enrolment and more complex needs.

“Government either doesn’t understand the issues or doesn’t think they are important,” says STF President Samantha Becotte. “I hear from parents and teachers every day. There is a serious concern for student well-being because school divisions simply don’t have enough funding to meet students’ needs. These decisions have a critical, lasting impact on the future of our province.”

Why The Best Time To Start Making Voluntary Contributions To The STRP Is Right Now

Pension & Benefits

To meet your retirement goals, it's imperative to have your own personal savings. Your workplace pension and government retirement plans aren't enough on their own. One option to build your own personal retirement savings is to make voluntary contributions to the STRP, and there is good reason to start doing that now.

Plan Funding Remains Strong Despite Volatile Markets

Pension & Benefits

The STRP’s investment portfolio was negatively impacted as a result of tighter bond and equity markets in the fiscal year ending June 30, 2022. However, given the design of the STRP, these investment swings do not have a direct impact on the value of your STF pension, and the Plan's funding remains stable.

Working During Retirement: Upcoming Changes Effective July 1, 2023

Pension & Benefits

At a Special Meeting of Council held in October 2022, a resolution was passed to change the Plan’s re-employment rules.

Pension Increases Approved For Post-2015 Service

Pension & Benefits

Your pension will be growing again in 2023! The Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation Executive recently approved two enhancements to Saskatchewan Teachers’ Retirement Plan pensions that will give you more money in your pocket during retirement.