Retiring? When Do Health Benefits End?

November 25, 2021

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Retiring teachers are not eligible for health plan coverage once retirement benefits first become payable under the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Retirement Plan or the Saskatchewan Teachers Superannuation Plan (your “retirement date”). If after your retirement date you continue to teach or return to teach under contract, health plan coverage will not recommence until the first school day following your retirement date.  For example, if your retirement date is January 1 and your first day of teaching after retirement is January 6, then your health plan benefits will be reinstated on January 6. You will not have health plan coverage from January 1 to January 5.

It’s important that you submit a Change of Information form to the STF to inform the Federation that you are terminating your employment contract to begin collecting your pension. If you sign a new teaching contract, you must submit a new Enrolment form to the Federation. The information on your form will be used to determine if you and your dependants are eligible for benefits and the period of eligibility.

If there is a break in service of more than 120 days from your retirement date to the date you return to teaching, you will have to satisfy the qualification period (completion of 20 full or partial days of teaching service).

The Superannuated Teachers of Saskatchewan provides health coverage for retired teachers that allows members to suspend coverage if they return to teaching and subsequently become covered under MHP. For information, visit