Return to School Plan Leaves Questions Unanswered

June 18, 2020
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

The return to school guidelines released today by the Saskatchewan government leave a number of questions unanswered about how the guidelines will be implemented in an effective and practical manner come fall.

“Teachers are eager to return to their classrooms and we all understand the need for schools to reopen in the fall,” said Patrick Maze, President, Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation. “The health and safety of teachers, students and other staff cannot be compromised. We will continue to work with our sector partners to ensure detailed health precautions and protocols are developed, implemented and funded.”

The Federation, along with other educational partners, provided solutions and identified potential challenges in implementing some of the guidelines through the Education Response Planning Team. Those recommendations were considered by the Chief Medical Health Officer and the provincial government, who made the final decisions.

In addition to precautions to limit transmission of COVID-19 in schools, the Federation says the pandemic has made student inequities even more apparent.
“All students deserve access to equitable learning opportunities,” said Maze. “The next phase of planning must address these gaps and ensure resources are in place.”

The Federation has committed to working with the government and other sector partners over the summer to address these outstanding issues and is pleased the government has stated it will consider their recommendations.