Spotlight on Superannuates

January 16, 2019
By Sunil Pandila, STS President

Spotlight on Superannuates

As we transition into the final year of this decade, one can’t help but try to find an event during the past year that was the most memorable, especially in a year filled with many significant events.

To me, it was Remembrance Day, November 11, 2018. It marked the 100th anniversary of the Armistice that ended World War I. It was a bitterly cold day as our band stood in ranks with other military personnel around the Cenotaph in Victoria Park, Regina. However, we were warmed by the precious memories and thoughts people were recollecting as they placed wreaths to honour their loved ones, while forgetting about current world events shaping our lives.

I am sure many superannuated teachers have ties to family who lost their lives in past wars. Like other Canadians across the country, we are grateful. But now it is another year. I wonder what memories 2019 will bring? 

The Superannuated Teachers of Saskatchewan would like to wish educators across the province all the best for the second half of the year. Some of you, I know, will be joining the ranks of Superannuates this year.

Starting your planning for retirement early is key to many long years of success after teaching. Teachers are great when it comes to planning for their students, but you also need to focus on yourselves and plan for your future! The STS Retirement Lifestyles Planning Seminar is a valuable source of information you should consider very carefully in your planning process.

STF local associations can access this presentation by contacting the STS office and arranging a mutually beneficial time for this two-hour session. There is no cost, and the information can be very helpful for those making the transition to retirement.

The STS provides many benefits to you in your years of retirement. A chance to become involved in an organization that provides opportunities for leisure activities, chapter events at the local level, newsletters, continued involvement in the educational sector, membership in the STS Extended Health and Dental Plan and advocacy on issues that affect many superannuates. I would like to emphasize the importance of meeting time-sensitive deadlines before your retirement date.

One of these is submitting your application for the STS Extended Health Plan by the 15th of the month prior to when you want the benefits to start. Our plan offers retirees an affordable safety net well into your years of retirement. Following the guidelines and joining the plan can give you a peace of mind when it comes to health care, both locally and abroad.

The STS prides itself in the strong relationship we have with the STF. We support the initiatives that promote a strong publicly funded public education system in our province.

With over 11,000 members across the province, the STS can be a supportive advocate as evidenced by participation in the Re-Imagine Education initiative. While we work together on educational issues, our local has additional issues that affect our membership. These include issues such as health care, long-term care, housing, transportation, seniors’ isolation and a Saskatchewan strategy for seniors to name a few.

We continue to support the Canadian Association of Retired Teachers in helping to shape legislation for a National PharmaCare program to protect pensions for Canadians across our country, and the Saskatchewan Seniors Mechanism which strives to institute a seniors strategy for Saskatchewan. Who says there is nothing to do after retiring from teaching!   

For more information about the STS or the programs and activities we offer, please contact the STS at 306-373-3879 or visit our website at