STF Encourages Members to Help Pick a New Premier

October 31, 2017
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

The Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation is encouraging its members to help pick a new Premier or a Premier-in-Waiting. Over the course of the next few months, the Federation will be asking leadership candidates in both political parties to answer some very specific questions. The answers will be posted on the Federation’s website and distributed via social media.

“Right now, teachers have a rare opportunity to influence the selection of a Premier,” STF President Patrick Maze said. “The switch from delegate conventions to ‘one member, one vote’ formats means party members can be very influential.”

“We won’t be forcing anyone to buy a membership if they don’t want to. We won’t be forcing anyone to buy a membership in a party they can’t support. And we certainly won’t be telling anyone which specific candidate to vote for.”

“What we will be doing is trying to get some straight answers from all candidates about some important issues in education and letting our members know what those answers are,” Maze said.

Maze notes education is not as high of a priority item with this government as it once was. This year’s provincial budget saw PreK-12 operating funding drop by $22 million. Despite the consequences these cuts have had on students, it was one of the rare funding reductions that was not rolled back in response to public pressure.

Maze also stresses this is a not a partisan effort. Similar invitations will go out to candidates for the leadership of Saskatchewan’s New Democratic Party.

“The Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation represents 28,000 teachers, retirees and substitute teachers across our province – all of them well-informed and passionate about the needs of students.”

“Those candidates who participate will be sure to generate a lot of interest and potential support from amongst those in the educational sector.”