STF relaunches streamlined Tell Them Tuesday initiative

Sask Bulletin
February 4, 2020

This month, the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation is asking its members, as well as the public, to join its Tell Them Tuesday initiative. The initiative invites people to write to their MLA and the Minister of Education and tell them about the current conditions in Saskatchewan’s classrooms and that it is time to take action.

Like its predecessor, Tell Him Tuesday, the goal of the initiative is to put real stories and faces on the education sector instead of the numbers and data that politicians are often presented with when creating budgets and deciding funding.

Tell Them Tuesday uses an online portal that makes it quick and simple to contact your MLA and the Minister of Education. Once a user signs up to join the campaign, they will be invited to take different actions, such as sending an email or posting on social media. The portal provides users with draft messages that they can edit to describe their own situation and add their personal stories.

“This was designed to make participation simple and streamlined. We are asking every teacher to participate and spread the word,” said Federation President Patrick Maze. “This is an opportunity to demonstrate the united voice of teachers and the overwhelming community support for properly funded public education to government.”

Among the issues Tell Them Tuesday highlights are the years of underfunding to education, overcrowded classrooms with increasingly diverse needs and a lack of classroom supports including educational assistants and mental health supports.

“We have heard from teachers throughout the province, both urban and rural, that overcrowding and increased classroom complexity is preventing them from spending their days teaching,” stated Maze. “Instead of building relationships with their students, teachers are having to spend their days putting out fires.”

Having to do more with less is a phrase the Federation has heard many times from its members in the past few years. According to the Federation’s 2019 member survey, 96.2 percent of teachers surveyed said that in the last five years, demands on the teaching profession have increased.

“It’s important that government hears the everyday realities of Saskatchewan’s classrooms instead of just numbers on a page. No data can fully relate the challenges our teachers and their students are facing,” stated Maze.

Tell Them Tuesday is open to teachers, students, parents and concerned citizens. To learn more and sign up, visit