STF supports legislative amendments to allow school to begin before labour day

November 25, 2014
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

SASKATOON – The Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation is pleased that the government has introduced legislative amendments to address some of the concerns of teachers regarding the impacts of the post-Labour Day start to the school year for students. The proposed changes will allow for the school year to start prior to Labour Day in years when Labour Day falls after September 5.

“We see the introduction of this legislation as a first step in addressing some of the issues impacting teacher and student time,” said Randy Cline, STF Vice-President. “This change allows school boards to be more flexible in creating their calendars in order to reflect local needs.”

The teaching profession supports changes to the school year and school day that are:

  • Focused on creating optimal teaching and learning environments for students.
  • Based on sound and current educational research.
  • Developed through collaborative processes that engage the teaching profession.
  • Respectful of the collective bargaining agreements of teachers and other education support staff.
  • Developed through a decision-making process that is comprehensive and transparent.

“When developing school calendars, we anticipate that school boards will actively engage with all educational partners, including teachers,” Cline added.

The Federation remains committed to working with our educational partners to resolve a number of outstanding issues related to the workload and work lives of teachers.