STS keeps retired teachers involved in profession

November 7, 2017

The Superannuated Teachers of Saskatchewan is a voluntary organization of retired teachers with over 11,300 members in 42 chapters across Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

Although retired, we continue to support teachers in their endeavours to provide a first-class, publicly funded education system for the students of the province. We promote the interests of our members and advocate for improvements in services that pertain to their welfare. The STS also provides an opportunity for our members to socialize with other retired teachers.

Provincial recreation activities include curling, golf, stitch & quilt, Mahjongg, bridge, bowling, fishing, and Kaiser. The STS also has an Extended Health and Dental Plan that is optional for its members and provides excellent coverage. Owned by the members, the STS administers the Plan and has a contract with Saskatchewan Blue Cross to adjudicate claims. Our benefit plan includes health, drug, travel and dental coverage. Membership is available without medical evidence if purchased within 60 days of date eligible to receive a superannuation allowance or date of leaving a group plan.

As a local association of the STF, we have eight councillors who attend meetings of Council and provide some history and background to the issues addressed there. Our President is invited to attend all STF activities that are open to the Presidents of other local associations and communications continue to improve between the STF and our local association. An STS member is also a representative on the McDowell Foundation Board of Directors. We appreciate all of the STF support. An STS Executive member attends the STF Planning for Retirement Seminars and presents information about the STS as well as its benefits plan, and an invitation to those teachers considering retirement to join the STS and become an active member at both the local and provincial levels.

The boundaries of our chapters coincide roughly with those of the school divisions prior to amalgamation. Retirement Lifestyles Planning is a program designed by the STS, with support of the STF, to help teachers transition to retired life. It is a two-hour program that provides a venue for participants to interact with others who are at the same place in their career path, promotes retirement as a positive life transition and explains the STS Extended Health and Dental Plan.

Although both programs provide important information for those wishing to retire, they are quite different. Any interested group of teachers is invited to call the STS office at 306-373-3879 and make arrangements to host a Retirement Lifestyles Planning session.

On behalf of the Superannuated Teachers of Saskatchewan, I would like to welcome all the teachers back to their classrooms and wish you a successful 2017-18 school year. We would particularly like to welcome those who are new to the profession and wish you a long and rewarding career. We also welcome newly retired teachers and hope that you will join our organization if you haven’t already done so. For more information about our organization and our Extended Health and Dental Plan, please visit our website,