Survey intended to help improve students’ health and well-being

January 31, 2018

The Saskatchewan Alliance for Youth and Community Well-Being is looking for schools to participate in its upcoming survey.

SAYCW is a partnership of health, education and community stakeholders dedicated to improving the health and well-being of Saskatchewan youth. The organization’s mandate is to help schools and communities connect with stakeholders and resources.

This survey, to be administered in Saskatchewan schools from February to April 2019, follows the first-such survey conducted in 2016 in which there were some eyeopening, to say nothing of disturbing, findings among students.

The previous survey indicated nearly one in five students had considered suicide in the past year and half of those who had considered it, had actually attempted suicide. Other findings included that almost one in five students had experienced hunger as a consequence of lack of food, and nearly half of students spent more than the recommended maximum of two hours per day on screen time.

Close to 10,000 students from grades 7-12 throughout the province completed the initial survey, representing more than 100 schools across 18 school divisions and authorities.

The work of SAYCW is led by a steering committee made up of representatives from 30 various sectors, including the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation.

While different schools might be grappling with their own issues, SAYCW is focused on a comprehensive followup plan to the findings of these surveys and coming up with community action teams.

SAYCW is also heavily involved in securing grants via the Healthy Schools and Communities Grant. To date that has meant a total of $273,160 provided through 41 projects to assist schools and communities in their healthpromoting initiatives.

Created in 2012, SAYCW was inspired by Manitoba’s Partners in Planning for Healthy Living. For more information about SAYCW, the Youth Health Survey, or to indicate interest in participating in the upcoming provincial survey, please visit their website. In addition, you can contact Project Manager Shardelle Brown at 1-639-635-3080 or email