Teachers Remain Committed to Standing Up for Students

March 11, 2020
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

The Teachers’ Bargaining Committee is disappointed by government’s repeated attempts to undermine collective bargaining by focusing on salary rather than first addressing the urgent needs related to class complexity. Government’s direct involvement is unprecedented and seriously calls into question the authority of the Government-Trustee Bargaining Committee to negotiate on their behalf.

“Students are paying the price for government’s underfunding,” said Patrick Maze, President of the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation. “These are serious issues that need to be addressed with real solutions. Government has the power and means to solve this problem, it just needs the will.”

As government refuses to address class complexity in provincial collective bargaining negotiations, the Federation met in good faith with Minister Wyant directly to find immediate solutions to address students’ needs, as recommended by the Conciliation Board. Minister Wyant declined the offer to schedule a followup meeting to continue this important conversation.

The Teachers’ Bargaining Committee has explicitly stated to both Education Minister Gord Wyant and the GTBC that it will not return to the table until there is a firm commitment from government to adequately address class complexity challenges.

“We hope government will meet its obligations and provide adequate funding so students have the resources they need,” said Maze.

Editor’s Note: Details on possible solutions discussed at the February 25 and March 5 meetings between the STF, the Saskatchewan School Boards Association and Minister Wyant, as well as the STF’s written proposal are available here.