Teachers share inspiring classroom-based research experiences

November 24, 2014
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

SASKATOON – The Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation is pleased to announce that the Dr. Stirling McDowell Foundation for Research Into Teaching and the University of Saskatchewan are co-sponsoring Learning From Practice: An Exchange of Teacher Knowledge and Research on November 28, 2014. This one-day conference provides the opportunity to connect with teachers and educational colleagues who will share inspiring classroom-based research experiences.

The conference will feature keynote speaker Dr. Kurt Clausen who will be presenting on Action Research in Canada: Past, Present and Future. Dr. Clausen is past editor of the Ontario Action Researcher journal and Associate Professor at the Schulich School of Education at Nipissing University.

In addition, 11 interactive sessions will be held by teacher researchers who will share their classroom explorations and learnings on a variety of topics related to teaching and learning. Members of the media are invited to attend the keynote address by Dr. Clausen as well as the 11 concurrent interactive sessions focusing on classroom-based explorations into teaching and learning. The inquiry projects of 15 graduate students will also be presented through a poster display. The agenda is attached.

Members of the media who wish to attend are asked to register with the McDowell Foundation by email at stfcommunications@stf.sk.ca and to check in at the registration table outside of the Gathercole Auditorium, third floor of the Saskatoon Public Schools division office in Saskatoon.

Action research is a process of intentional problem solving or curiosity to learn more about an area of professional interest through reflecting on practice, and possibly implementing changes, while documenting actions and results to share with others.

Kurt Clausen, Ph.D., is an associate professor in the Schulich School of Education and past chair of Graduate Studies at Nipissing University. He received his doctorate from the University of Ottawa in the area of curriculum integration and collaborative research. Taking on the role of editor of the Ontario Action Researcher in 2001, he has since helped to expand its role as the chief outlet for the publication of action research across the country. This culminated in the launch of the Canadian Journal of Action Research in 2011. In the past year, he has helped found the Canadian Association of Action Research in Education in order to create a network of communication, mentorship and encouragement between individuals and teams who are engaged in action research. Presently, he has just finished a chapter in the upcoming Palgrave International Handbook of Action Research examining the Canadian context.

The McDowell Foundation is an independent, non-profit, charitable organization created by the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation to promote research into teaching and learning. The Foundation encourages the active involvement of educators in the development of knowledge about teaching and learning, and supports educational research that is practical and relevant to the classroom teacher. More than 250 research projects involving close to 1,000 teachers from across the province have received over $1.25 million in funding from the Foundation since its establishment.