TweetMeet is sweet

January 16, 2019
By Dean Vendramin, Teacher, Archbishop M.C. O’Neill Catholic High School

Tech Talk

Have you ever experienced a Twitter chat? This event has people coming together at a specific time and reacting to questions posed during that time period with a specific hashtag to follow. I have found them to be a great source of professional development. I participate in a weekly #formativechat on Mondays. It’s been a great way to start the week and reflect on best practice in the classroom. I have also been a part of a few Twitter #rcsdconnect chats that my division has put on, and there is also a great #saskedu chat on Thursday nights that has been around for some time. I was recently part of the #MSFTEduChat TweetMeet. It was a great experience and one that I would like to share.

Back in August, I was contacted via Twitter to be a TweetMeet guest host. The topic was STEM in education, and I was excited to be on board for the event. I found the organizers to be an amazing group and very well organized. It’s not easy to connect teachers from the same school, yet alone from across the globe, and have them on the same page. But that’s exactly what happened, and the result was a great Twitter chat on the power of STEAM sparking creativity in the classroom.

The goal of the TweetMeet is to get many educators from around the world involved in hosting and engaging with other teachers. Being a host is usually a “one and done” opportunity. But this year, the organizers decided to try something a little different and epic. They decided to unleash a massive #Bestof2018 TweetMeet with over 140 hosts from around the world. It was so well organized.

The TweetMeet team used Microsoft Teams and OneNote to create a highly effective and efficient environment in which hosts could connect, collaborate and stay up to date. Flipgrid and Sway were used to promote the event and encourage others to join in the fun that is TweetMeet. This all led to the big day where the Twitterverse was ready for the #MSFTEduChat extravaganza. We jumped on Skype from all corners of the globe for a TweetMeet backchannel. Excitement was in the air, and the hosts were ready for some TweetMeet action.

The TweetMeet itself was a fast and furious exchange of successes, resources, ideas and more from the year that was. So many teachers and students were taking their learning to new heights, and the camaraderie was a powerful experience. I shared my thoughts on Minecraft: Education Edition, Skype In The Classroom, the Microsoft Educator Community and more. It is encouraging to see so many passionate educators connect and encourage each other.

I reflected on the event as I created my Twitter Moment and felt honoured to be a part of the biggest TweetMeet ever. I’m looking forward to participating and contributing to TweetMeets in the future. I look forward to seeing the community grow and would highly recommend being a host. Being part of #MSFTEduChat TweetMeet is sweet! Want to take a look at some of the highlights from the meet? Check out the Twitter Moment I put together on the experience at

To find out more on Twitter chats visit Find a chat that interests you and join in the conversation. You’ll be glad you did. Please reach out to me on Twitter @vendi55 if you have any questions or ideas.