Council is a vital part of our governance structure, as defined by The Teachers’ Federation Act, 2006 and STF bylaws. It is one of three distinct yet interrelated groups, which also include the STF Executive and administrative staff, that are responsible for the governance and administration of the Federation.

Although the composition of Council has varied throughout our history, the goal has always been to make it as representative of members as possible. The Teachers’ Federation Act, 2006 authorizes the Federation to create local associations, and STF Bylaw 2 (Council) establishes the composition of Council and the election of councillors by members of those local associations.

The responsibilities of Council are outlined in sections 9 and 14 of The Teachers’ Federation Act, 2006. They include:

  • Approving STF bylaws that, along with The Teachers’ Federation Act, 2006, make up the constitution of the Federation.
  • Adopting policies that guide the governance and administration of the Federation and are the foundation for our positions and advocacy on issues in public education.
  • Approving the establishment of any plan or pension plan.
  • Approving the premiums and contributions recommended by the STF Executive to be paid by participants for each plan and the rate of contribution to be paid by pension plan participants.
  • Electing from members of Council the STF Executive of the provincial organization including the President and Vice-President.
  • Approving financial matters recommended by the STF Executive, including the annual budget and membership fees. 

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