Local Associations


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Local associations provide teachers with a collective voice at the local level and, through their local executives and councillors, a central connection with the provincial organization. To a large extent, it is through their local associations that teachers present resolutions to Council and influence the direction the Federation takes.

The constitutions of each local association must be approved by the STF Executive. Their purposes, as defined by STF Bylaw 4 (Local Associations), is to:

  • Further the objectives of the Federation provincially and locally.
  • Support the professional growth of members.
  • Bargain collectively on behalf of members for a local collective bargaining agreement subject to the local bargaining provisions of  The Education Act, 1995.
  • Ensure effective communications between members and the Federation.
  • Ensure effective representation of members in Federation affairs.

Most local associations are based in geographic regions that parallel Saskatchewan’s school divisions. There are currently 23 geographically based local associations with one of them, Association locale des enseignantes et enseignants fransaskois, representing teachers in francophone schools provincewide.

Teachers have also recognized that Council deliberations often have an impact on both superannuated teachers and teacher candidates. The organizations representing these groups, the Superannuated Teachers of Saskatchewan, the University of Regina Education Students’ Society and the University of Saskatchewan Education Students’ Society, have been recognized as local associations so that they can elect councillors who will bring forward their distinctive perspectives and experiences for consideration at meetings of Council.

ALEF – Association locale des enseignantes et enseignants fransaskois
Good Spirit Teachers’ Association
Holy Family Teachers’ Association
Holy Trinity Teachers’ Association
Ile a la Crosse Teachers’ Association
Lloydminster Teachers’ Association
North East Teachers’ Association
North West Teachers’ Association
Northern Area Teachers’ Association
Prairie South Teachers’ Association
Prairie Spirit Teachers' Association map
Prairie Valley Teachers’ Association
Prince Albert & Area Teachers’ Association
Regina Catholic Schools Teachers’ Association
South East Cornerstone Teachers’ Association
Superannuated Teachers of Saskatchewan
University of Regina Education Students’ Society
University of Saskatchewan Education Students’ Society