Advocacy Resources

The Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation advocates for the province’s teachers and for the cause of excellence in public education. The STF works to influence policy, legislation and funding to ensure schools are great learning and working environments, and advocates for a system that is properly funded to meet students’ needs and protect public education.

Whether you’re an STF member, parent or concerned citizen, you can play a role in advancing these issues with elected officials. Here you’ll find information on the most pressing issues facing public education today, what the STF’s position is and how you can help influence change. 

If you are an STF member, be aware that STF bylaw states that you cannot make representations with government officials without prior approval from the STF Executive. You can still speak with your MLA, just do so as an individual constituent. We can work together, and we are here to help. Tell us what you’re up to and we can support you!  

Advocate as Individual Teachers

  • Concentrate on local MLAs and other elected leaders
  • Speak as an individual with important and relevant professional experience, not on behalf of the STF
  • Tell us what you’re doing, so we can support you with
    • Message support and creation
    • Record keeping
    • Gathering information
    • Bylaws