McDowell Research Salon Series

Teachers know their students and classes better than anyone and are in the ideal position to create classroom innovations that can help transform publicly funded public education in Saskatchewan. The McDowell Foundation supports curious teachers in their passion for continuous improvement through funding, research and networking opportunities.

The Salon Series conversations are hosted throughout the year and are designed to provide teachers with an opportunity to share their research projects with the community. Teachers conduct their own research based on their areas of interest. But it’s not enough to simply gather evidence. The Salon Series is about creating research communities who learn from and support one another. Together, teachers, education partners and community stakeholders create action plans to help sustain and spread success throughout the province.

As part of the Salon Series, the researchers develop resources associated with their projects, which can be found on this page, as well as on the McDowell Foundation website.

COVID Lessons from School: Teacher Research in a Pandemic

Join the McDowell Foundation’s virtual Salon Series COVID Lessons from School: Teacher Research in the Pandemic on April 22, 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. to hear what lessons have been learned upon returning to school since COVID-19.  

Hear from McDowell’s directed call teacher researchers: Suzanne Zwarych as she presents whether practices and policies by school divisions and government help teachers overcome anxiety and stress; Angela Csiki and Brent Keen as they share their findings on strategies to reduce students’ stress when returning to school; and Kirsten Cavanaugh as she presents how to strengthen schools to support refugee students. 

The event will be hosted and facilitated by the McDowell Foundation.

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Breaking Out of the Textbox – Increasing Outdoor Learning

On March 4, 2021 the McDowell Foundation hosted a virtual Salon Series Breaking Out of the Textbox – Increasing Outdoor Learning to understand the value of outdoor learning and how it can help improve the lives of students, foster reconciliation, and connect to one’s grass roots.

Participants heard from Saskatoon teacher and McDowell Researcher, Nicole Turner, as she shared her findings on solutions and supports in addressing the barriers and challenges of incorporating outdoor learning into the classroom. She was also joined by a panel of teachers who shared their experiences of integrating outdoor learning into their lesson planning. 

Women in Educational Leadership: A Conversation

On January 21, 2021 the McDowell Foundation hosted a virtual Salon Series, Women in Educational Leadership: A Conversation. Over 80 participants tuned in to hear the research and dive deep into the conversation of women in educational leadership. Two female researchers, Amy Orth and Amy Korver from the Prairie Spirit School Division, shared the experiences and challenges of nine female administrators in education. They identified trends in female leaders, the barriers they face as they enter administration positions, and the impact it has on their school culture. The researchers were also be joined by guest panelists: Angela Banda, STF Senior Administrative Staff; Samantha Becotte, STF Provincial Executive; and Lori Jeschke, Director, Prairie Spirit School Division to further the discussion and encourage more women to pursue leadership in Saskatchewan. 

Teaching in a Pandemic: Why Promising Practices of Parent Engagement Matter More Than Ever

On November 18, 2020 the McDowell Foundation hosted their first virtual Salon Series event Teaching in a Pandemic: Why Promising Practices of Parent Engagement Matter More Than Ever. Attendees learned the importance of parent engagement in times of COVID-19. Three teachers from the Sun West School Division shared highlights from their completed research on how both teachers and families can build and maintain relationships during these unprecedented times.

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