McDowell Research Salon Series

Teachers know their students and classes better than anyone and are in the ideal position to create classroom innovations that can help transform publicly funded public education in Saskatchewan. The McDowell Foundation supports curious teachers in their passion for continuous improvement through funding, research and networking opportunities.

The Salon Series conversations are hosted throughout the year and are designed to provide teachers with an opportunity to share their research projects with the community. Teachers conduct their own research based on their areas of interest. But it’s not enough to simply gather evidence. The Salon Series is about creating research communities who learn from and support one another. Together, teachers, education partners and community stakeholders create action plans to help sustain and spread success throughout the province.

As part of the Salon Series, the researchers develop resources associated with their projects, which can be found on this page, as well as on the McDowell Foundation website.

A Relationship of Harmony & Success: Improving Engagement

The McDowell Foundation Salon Series, A Relationship of Harmony & Success: Improving Engagement, was hosted online, April 7 and provided researchers with the opportunity to share what they’ve learned about the importance of seeking out non-traditional ways to engage with families and caregivers.

The research team includes Candace Chicilo, Marlyse Barilla and Diana Porter from the Regina Catholic Schools Teachers’ Association. The goal of their project was to explore links between unconventional and informal connection opportunities with parents, caregivers, students and communities through activities like daily attendance, attendance at enriched after-school programs and attendance at literary nights, student conference and other activities. Researchers were joined by Jane McLeod, Senior Manager, Research and Record and Derek Barss, senior administrative staff from the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation.

The Salon Series event was recorded and is available on the McDowell Foundation website. Please email any questions to

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