Member Survey Results

In March 2017, the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation conducted its annual member survey, facilitated by Praxis Analytics. The purpose of the survey was to explore the professional experiences of teachers. The survey results help inform the STF’s continuing efforts to advocate for the best possible environments for student and teacher success.

More than 2,600 members participated. Questions were grouped into five key sections: teaching and learning environment; quality of relationships; adequacy of provisions for responding to the diverse needs of students; adequacy of provisions for social justice, inclusion and equity; and general satisfaction.

The infographics highlight some important findings related to building relationships for truth and reconciliation, teachers’ out-of-pocket expenditures, and harassment and violence against teachers. Violence is a growing concern for teachers across the country as seen in survey results from the Elementary School Teachers Federation of Ontario (ETFO).

Teachers paying out of pocket. Teachers often pay out of pocket to support student learning. Download the PDF for more information.

The 2018 Member Survey will focus on members’ experiences with the programs and services offered by the Federation. Members will receive an invitation to participate in April, 2018. The survey will stay open for several weeks. Your responses help to inform organizational decision-making, so please consider participating.