Pick a Premier

The Pick a Premier campaign is still going strong. Candidates for the NDP leadership are vying for our votes, and NDP membership holders can vote up until Saturday, March 3. Below is a comparison of the two NDP leadership candidates. See what sets them apart and read about each candidate's commitments as outlined in their education platforms.

“We need to show the people of Saskatchewan that we are ready to lead, ready to lead with universal pharmacare so that no one has to choose between the medication the need, and paying the rent.” -Ryan Meili

“My commitment is to deliver universal mental health and addiction services with urgent wraparound support and emergency mental health care. It will quite literally save lives but it will also save dollars.” -Trent Wotherspoon

Points of Agreement*:

  • $15 minimum wage.
  • Restoring decision-making authority to local school boards.
  • Eliminate the funding gap for Indigenous students.
  • A referendum before the privatization of any Crown Corporation.
  • Expanding the mandate and geographic reach of Crowns.
  • A retrofit program for energy efficiency.
  • A new provincial transportation system to replace Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC).
  • A resource royalty review.

Points of Divergence*:

  • Both candidates have promised made-in-Saskatchewan climate change policies. Dr. Meili’s plan includes specific targets.
  • Dr. Meili specifically calls for a universal pharmacare program. Mr. Wotherspoon will “work to deliver on pharmacare.”
  • Mr. Wotherspoon has set out a specific target to create a $15 a day child care program. Dr. Meili also offers a child care commitment, but is less specific on details.
  • Mr. Wotherspoon will impose a new $250,000 income tax bracket and the reversal of all tax cuts for people in that bracket. Dr. Meili says tax policy will be dealt with in an over all review of royalties.

*From Accidental Deliberations Blog, December 17, 2017

Watch the Candidates

See how they responded to our five key questions about education back in November.


The Pick a Premier campaign got education back on the political agenda for the Saskatchewan Party. We look forward to working with Scott Moe to make education a higher priority for the future of Saskatchewan. 

Reviewing Scott Moe’s Education Promises


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