Saskatchewan Women in Education: 1950s

  • Caroline Robins (c. 1950s)

    In 1953, Caroline Robins was elected Vice-President of the STF, and then elected twice to the office of President, becoming the first STF President to be granted a leave of absence to carry out her duties.
  • By 1953-54, 92.8 percent of women taught in elementary schools and only 7 percent of women taught in the secondary schools; men were still monopolizing this sector. 
  • “Equal opportunities” resolution passed at Council: “Since more of the important teaching positions in the province are held by men and since women teachers far outnumber men teachers, BE IT RESOLVED that this Council go on record as approving the appointment of women to principal and superintendent positions provided that their qualifications warrant the promotion.”
  • In 1957, Council passed notice of motion to rescind Bylaw No. 2: “Of the five members of the executive committee, at least two shall be women.” The May issue of the Bulletin further stated that, “It would appear that women councillors themselves preferred attainment of executive positions on their own merit.”

Average Annual Salaries paid to teachers holding First Class Certificates, 1910-1950



Emma Stewart (1962)

Emma Stewart retired after a stunning 46 years with the STF and a rewarding teaching career.