Vote for Education

What is your own personal experience with education in Saskatchewan?

Education Re-Imagined: 12 Actions for Education Report

Does your child have access to the resources they need to meet their potential? 

What is the purpose of education? Is it an expense or an investment?

These are just some of the questions we are asking you to consider as you prepare to vote in the 2020 provincial election. 

Underfunding, class complexity and inequities are just some of the challenges facing students, teachers and parents every day. The pandemic has only intensified these challenges and the impact.  

  • Before the pandemic, a crowded classroom meant less time for teachers to devote their time and attention in building positive relationships with each student. Now, a crowded classroom makes it difficult, if not impossible, for teachers and students to build relationships at the same time as keeping a physical distance. 
  • Before the pandemic, chronic under funding meant teachers were spending a few hundred dollars each year on school supplies for students. Now it means teachers are spending a few hundred dollars in addition to the school supplies for personal essentials. 
  • Before the pandemic, existing inequities in digital access created barriers between rural and urban, north and south. Now that digital access has become a vital part of learning, the divide is even greater, as many students are yet to have access to reliable, high-speed internet let alone computers.

The Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation is non-partisan. We won’t tell you who to vote for, but we do ask you to keep education top of mind when casting your ballot on October 26. So before you vote: 

  • Learn about the issues that exist and the future of education by visiting
  • Learn about your candidates and their platforms in your area. 
  • Register to vote. To find out how and where to vote visit

About Education Re-Imagined

Our personal experiences with public education as individuals may be different, but there are common themes and expectations across the province. Students, teachers, parents, grandparents and concerned citizens alike share a vision for the future of public education in Saskatchewan. 

In 2018, the Federation partnered with twenty community groups across the province to listen and hear their vision for the future of education in Saskatchewan, we called this initiative Re-Imagine Education. 

People from every corner of the province and all different walks of life participated in the in-depth engagement process. Six thousand people completed the survey alone. Consultations were held in 204 schools, in 69 different communities and with seven groups of students. Community members came together in schools, libraries, arenas, at organizational events, such as annual general meetings, to share their vision for the future of Saskatchewan’s public education system. Students, teachers, parents, Indigenous communities and leaders, the business community and those previously disengaged from the education system shared their vision. 

This provincewide collaboration resulted in the Education Re-Imagined: 12 Actions for Education Report. A report dedicated to sharing a community voice and ensuring students' needs are to be met in the future. Recommending to: 

  • Provide a safe and effective learning environment for all students.
  • Ensure local and parental voice in decision making. 
  • Use teachers’ professional knowledge in creating and implementing legislation and policy. 
  • Ensure equitable learning opportunities for all students by providing adequate and sustainable funding. 

To learn more about Re-Imagine Education visit