Saskatchewan Women in Education: 1920s

  • Marion Graham

    Marion Graham (c. 1970)

    In 1920, Catherine Sheldon-Williams, known as the “grand lady of Saskatchewan education” created the province’s first correspondence school. Within five years, the enrolment increased to 300 applicants.
  • In 1921, only 2 percent of married women in Canada were in the labour force.
  • In 1924, Victoria Tory Miners became the first female public school principal in Saskatoon. She remained in this position at Haultain School until her retirement in 1948.
  • In 1926, Grace Blue established the Home and School Movement and became its first president. The Home and School Associations were developed to create collaboration between teachers and parents to ensure the best educational experiences for all children.
  • Marion Margaret Graham’s teaching career began in 1928 with a keen interest in the area of special education and later working with immigrant families. She successfully run for the Saskatoon Public School Board from 1965 to 1980. Marion received many honours for her incredible community and education involvement, one of them being the Saskatoon International Women’s Year Award (1975) among many others.