Frequently Asked Questions - COVID-19

Government of Saskatchewan has announced that all pre K-12 Schools will be suspended indefinitely, effective March 20. Read the news release here.

Additional information is available in this Question & Answer document (for Members only) provided by the Response Planning Team.

The Response Planning Team has provided direction. Its updates can be viewed here. In keeping with the direction issued by the Response Planning Team, each division will create supplemental learning and communications plans. Additional resources can be found:

  • STF Professional Learning has launched a new dedicated website featuring remote learning tools. Resources on this site will evolve and grow over time.
  • The Emma Stewart Resources Centre has materials that can be mailed out to members.
  • Check your school divisions’ website, as many have resources posted.
  • Curriculum website at has lists of resources for teachers.
  • The Ministry of Education has created a COVID-19 learning resource for teachers and parents. This will be sent out to all school divisions and First Nations education authorities and will be posted on the Curriculum website as well as on

Following direction from the Response Planning Team, school divisions in consultation with principals and school staffs will make decisions regarding where teachers will work during this time. Please refer to your school division for more information.

Please follow the supplemental learning plan provided by your division for providing students with assignments. The RPT Update issued on March 31, 2020 address students’ grades and stated that grades will not go down and final grades must be submitted by June 30, 2020.

Supplemental Learning Plans developed by each school division will provide multiple modes of delivering education to students. Please refer to your school division.

Teachers must always comply with a written directive from the employer. Teachers who are not ill could be directed to plan lessons and post those lessons online for students if schools are closed.

Yes. During this time staff will be paid in full and there will be no loss of benefits. The Ministry of Education will continue to provide all funds to school divisions to ensure they can make decisions and honour all contracts. Please see our COVID-19 Information page for more information.

No, on Friday, March 27 sanctions were suspended. More information is available in this update.

No communication regarding this has been received from the Ministry of Education.

This decision will be made by the Government of Saskatchewan in consultation with the Chief Medical Health Officer as they continue to respond to developments.
For any leave, other than parental leave, you will need a doctor’s note to return to work.
  • Yes. You should follow the guidelines for self-isolation from the Government of Saskatchewan and any directions provided from your school division.
  • Be sure to advise your employer of your circumstances and that you are in self-isolation because of travel, not illness. If you become ill you should access your sick leave.

On March 20, Saskatchewan’s Chief Medical Health Officer imposed a public health measure that all travelers returning from international destinations - including the United States – are subject to a mandatory self-isolation order. Violation of this order may result in a $2,000 fine. The federal government and Saskatchewan's Chief Medical Health Officer have also recommended returning to Canada and avoiding non-essential international travel until further notice.

Pension and Benefits Questions

Access to the STF Health Plan and the STF Member & Family Assistance Program has not changed. Members are still able to send in health claims to Canada Life. Members are also encouraged to contact the STF Member & Family Assistance Program if they are feeling overwhelmed or are having trouble managing the stress and emotions that may arise during this challenging time. A selection of mental health resources can be found here.

Your estimated pension amount and retirement date will not change. Members continue to contribute to the pension plan, so service and earnings continue to accrue.

Members who are receiving payment through the pension plan or through the STF Long-Term Disability Plan will continue to receive payments as normal.

As most of the Federation’s employees are working remotely, we ask that any requests regarding pension or benefit plans be sent via email to assure a prompt response.

Members who are eligible to retire July 1, 2020 are still able to do so. If you have not yet submitted a Pension Estimate Request Form, please do so as soon as possible. The completed form may be scanned and emailed to