If you are a member of the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation and teaching under a contract of employment, you are covered by the Income Continuance Plan. Substitute teachers and teachers who are age 65 or older, receiving a pension, or have 35 or more years of pension service are not eligible.

Coverage begins on the first day of your teaching contract.

Disability benefits do not automatically begin upon expiration of your accumulated sick leave. You must apply for disability benefits and your claim must be approved by the Claims Committee. The application process is quite detailed and may take considerable time to complete. If your claim is approved, benefits commence when your sick leave expires.

If you are taking a leave of absence, you should contact the Federation to discuss the option to continue disability insurance coverage during your leave.


Income Continuance Plan premiums of 1.4 percent of your salary are automatically deducted from your pay by your school board. Premiums are paid during any period of approved sick leave, but premiums are waived when you are receiving benefits from the Income Continuance Plan.

When you attain the age of 64, you will not be required to pay premiums, but will continue to be a member of the Plan if otherwise eligible.