Out-of-Country Claims

If you are a resident of Saskatchewan, out-of-country claims should be submitted for consideration within six months of the date of service. This strict time limitation is determined by Saskatchewan Health and is subject to change.

The deadline for other provinces may be different, so please be aware of these time limits and submit your claim as soon as possible after the date of service.

Available Submission Method

If you reside in Saskatchewan, complete the Statement of Claim Out-of-Country Expenses for each family member for whom you are claiming expenses. You can submit the claim online through Canada Life GroupNet by uploading the completed claim form and receipts, or send your claim by mail to the address on the claim form.

If you reside outside of Saskatchewan, please contact Canada Life (formerly Great-West life) to obtain the necessary forms.

Processing and Payment

All eligible expenses for your claim will be paid, including the portion that is covered by your provincial medical plan. Your provincial medical plan will then reimburse Canada Life for their share of the expenses, except for those provinces requiring you to mail your claim directly to their plan first.