Dealing With COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic presents a range of challenges and stressors in our personal and professional lives. ComPsych Guidance Resources, your Member & Family Assistance Program provider, is offering a number of webinars and resources to help you remain healthy and deal with the emotional impacts of the outbreak.



Returning to Work Guide

With a new normal on the horizon for teachers, returning to the classroom may be causing some fear or anxiety. This guide offers some tips on transitioning to that new normal. français


Staying Healthy at Work

In uncertain times, staying healthy at work can feel like an uphill battle. These materials offer tips to feel well. français





A Relaxation Break

If you’re feeling stressed, this relaxation break offers a quick breathing exercise to help keep you grounded.  français


Working Remotely

If you’re now working from home, these guides offer tips for adjusting to the change. français


ComPsych’s trainers have designed a series of webinars to offer guidance and best practices to help you navigate the unique situation in which we find ourselves. This series includes seven titles:


  • Coping with Uncertainty About COVID-19
  • Navigating Your Work from Home Transition
  • Why Can’t I Stop Eating? How Emotions Impact Our Eating During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Managing Worry & Anxiety During The COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Tools To Handle Covid-19-Related Stress
  • Self-Isolating Together: How to Get Along With Your Partner and Kids During The Pandemic
  • Being An Effective Manager During The COVID-19 Pandemic


  • Faire face à l'incertitude dans la crise du Covid-19
  • Réussir le passage au télétravail en situation de crise du Coronavirus
  • Survol de pratiques relatives à la transition au télétravail en raison du coronavirus

To access recorded versions of the webinars or view Compsych’s dedicated phone number, please login to MySTF.