You are eligible for coverage under the Members’ Health Plan if you have completed 20 full or partial days of teaching service (known as the qualification period) and you meet one of the following requirements:

  • You are a teacher employed under a continuous, replacement or temporary contract with a board of education or a conseil scolaire pursuant to The Education Act, 1995.
  • You are a member of the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation and employed as a teacher in an independent school that receives operating funding from the provincial Ministry responsible for PreK-12 education, provided that the teachers in the school are not members of any trade union and are not covered by any other collective bargaining agreement.

To be covered by the Members’ Health Plan, you and your dependants must have coverage under a provincial health plan and have residence status in your home province.

If you're on a school board-approved leave of absence for five consecutive years or less, coverage will continue for the period of your leave.

Coverage is also extended to members who are receiving disability benefits from the Teachers’ Long-Term Disability Plan.

Retiring teachers are not eligible for MHP benefits starting on the date that retirement benefits first become payable under the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Retirement Plan or the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Superannuation Plan (your "retirement date"). If after your retirement date, you continue to teach or return to teach under contract, health plan coverage will not recommence until the first school day following your retirement date.

Substitute teachers are not eligible for coverage under this Plan.


Each time you sign a new contract of employment, a new  Enrolment form must be completed and submitted to the Federation. Your school division must complete their section of the form to verify your employment and you must complete the remainder of the form and submit it to the Federation. The information on your form will be used to determine if you and your dependants are eligible for benefits and the period of eligibility.

Effective Date

If you’re a new teacher on contract, you must complete a 20-day qualification period (20 full or partial days of teaching service) before you are enrolled in the Plan. Once the qualification period is complete, coverage will be applied retroactively to the first school day of your contract. For any new teaching contracts thereafter, a qualification period is only required if there has been a break in service of more than 120 days.

Teachers who were formerly employed under a temporary contract and who enter into any other type of contract will become eligible for benefits on the first school day of the new contract.