Genocide and Hope

This workshop is being offered by Social Studies Saskatchewan, Concentus Citizenship Education Foundation and FAST - Fighting Antisemitism Together.

Prejudice, stereotyping and racism combine with other toxic elements to bring out the worst response in humankind: genocide. We wish to provide teachers with reliable, easy to use resources that will enhance deep understanding for students. The Holodomor, Canada's treatment of Indigenous peoples and the Holocaust will all be used as subject matter.

However, an objective and very encouraging analysis is provided by Dr. Steven Pinker (The Better Angels of our Nature, Enlightenment Now) "Bad things happen suddenly and telegenically. Good things tend to happen incrementally." (The Economist, February 24, 2018).

Participants will leave with the resources to meet current and future curricular outcomes, a greater knowledge of history and human nature, and with their spirits uplifted by the progress made by humans in the last 10, 50 and 100 years.

Participants will:

  • Know that for many groups nationalism was based much more on their ethnic background than on membership in a larger nation state which may be controlled by people of a different ethnic origin.
  • Know that nationalism mixed with racism has the potential to create serious barriers and dissension among peoples.
  • Know the impact of Social Darwinism on European politics.
  • Know that the Indigenous peoples were not universally pleased with the intrusion of European powers, and some resisted with violence.
  • For certain Indigenous peoples, competition with Europeans for land and resources led to extinction.
  • That in a totalitarian state, no individual could be of higher value than society.
  • Collectivization in the USSR led to millions of intentional deaths.
  • Anti-Semitism was not limited to any one European (or Western) nation.
  • Anti-Semitism in Germany became institutionalized with the Nazi's rise to power.
  • Hist 30 - Know that the First Nations and Europeans hold vastly differing views on the relationship to the land.
  • First Nations were subject to government policies of annihilation, segregation and assimilation.
Wednesday, August 22, 2018 - 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Eamer Auditorium, Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation
2317 Arlington Avenue
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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