Advisory Committee

The basic purpose of the Professional Growth Networks Advisory Committee is to serve the interests of professional growth networks. Representatives on this Committee carry out a valuable leadership role for the networks and for the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation as a whole. Involvement with the Committee is also an important and rewarding opportunity for professional growth.

Terms of Reference

The Professional Growth Networks Advisory Committee shall:

  1. Promote awareness and understanding of professional growth networks within the teaching profession.
  2. Support professional growth networks by providing information and responding to requests or questions about Federation policies, procedures and services affecting the networks.
  3. Address issues of common concern to professional growth networks.
  4. Take a lead role in planning programs or activities for professional growth network executives.
  5. Screen special project grant applications and recommend projects for approval by the STF Executive.
  6. Make recommendations to the STF Executive regarding the establishment or dissolution of professional growth networks.
  7. Make recommendations to the STF Executive regarding professional growth network constitution amendments.
  8. Ensure professional growth networks meet their annual criteria for affiliation and grants.
  9. Review special project grants, constitutions and membership information.
  10. Develop recommendations on behalf of professional growth networks to the STF Executive.
  11. Provide an annual report to the STF Executive.

2020-21 Advisory Committee Members

Leah Fornwald Saskatchewan Association of Teachers of French
Shawna Jurgens

Saskatchewan Teachers of English as an Additional Language

Carol Sarich

Saskatchewan School Based Leaders

Crystal Schindel Social Studies Saskatchewan
Celine Smith Olivares

Literacy Educators’ Network of Saskatchewan

Derek Barss Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation
Scott Burant Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation
Rob Lehne Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation
Michelle Naidu Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation