Financial Assistance

The Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation values the work of the professional growth networks and offers several types of financial assistance. For detailed information on requirements and application procedures, please download the information packets, which include required application forms for each grant, on the right side of this page. 

Basic Grant

The purpose of a basic grant is, along with membership fees, to assist with operating costs including the production of publications and the organization of an annual conference.

By meeting the conditions that are specified in Federation policies, each professional growth network receives an annual basic grant according to the following:

  • An annual flat grant of $800 shall be provided to each professional growth network.
  • In addition to the flat grant, a membership grant of $8 each for the first 300 Federation members or fraction thereof shall be provided to each network.
  • Networks shall receive a minimum total basic grant (flat plus membership) of $1,500 or a maximum total basic grant of $3,200.
  • Basic grant funds shall be disbursed when the required documentation is submitted annually.
  • Basic grant funds shall only be held for a period not exceeding one year and with prior approval from the member services coordinator.

Special Project Grant

Special project grants are intended to benefit as many professional growth networks and Federation members as possible. At least $10,000 is budgeted annually for special project grants. Contact the Federation to find out the amount budgeted for the year the network is applying for a grant. 

The number of special project grants awarded may vary from year to year depending upon the overall budget available. The Professional Growth Networks Advisory Committee determines the value of each grant, within the limits of the overall budget by applying the special project grants criteria.

National Conference Grant

The Federation may provide support for national conferences.


The Federation shall assist professional growth networks with sponsorship of national conferences by providing a grant maximum of $1,000 in cash or in-kind contributions. grant amount and in-kind contributions will be based on a decision by the Executive Director or designate in consultation with the Managing Director, Member Services.

The Federation may provide these in-kind contributions, at a reduced rate or at cost:

  • Design assistance.
  • Promotional assistance such as the website, social media, posters and the Bulletin.
  • Conference materials such as folders and pens.