Professional Growth Networks Toolkit


The name, professional growth networks, emphasizes the purpose of the networks and is intended to strengthen teachers' capacity to advocate for school divisions and the provincial government to support teachers' membership and participation in professional growth networks.

The networks support professional growth and lifelong learning of teachers through networking, communications, innovative professional growth opportunities and sharing of promising practices and resources related to a specialized area of practice or interest in education. Members of the networks are also provided with publications, programs and opportunities to engage in research that contributes to improvement of teaching and learning.

This toolkit is designed to provide information on all aspects of professional growth networks including establishment and affiliation, governance, finances, services, and roles and responsibilities.

Fillable PDF forms are available in each section.

Professional growth networks should forward all correspondence, financial documents, minutes and reports, as well as projects for Design and Production, advertisements for the Saskatchewan Bulletin, or inquiries for the Emma Stewart Resources Centre and STF Professional Learning to:

Professional Growth Networks
Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation
2317 Arlington Avenue 
Saskatoon SK S7 J 2H8 
T: 306-373-1660 or 1-800-667-7762 F: 306-374-1122


Learn about the required processes to establish, maintain affiliation or dissolve a professional growth network.

Learn about your role and responsibilities as a member of your professional growth network and become familiar with the required bylaws and policy related to the governance of your network.

Learn about access to Federation services, forms and templates created for the purpose of saving you time and helping you complete your everyday and annual tasks.

Learn about the documentation required to receive a basic grant for your professional growth network and learn how to apply for special project and national conference grants. Also, learn how to report your network’s finances.

Learn about the professional growth opportunities available for your professional growth network members.

Q. How do networks coordinate conference dates to allow highest attendance possible?

A. The Events Calendar on the STF website includes information on all professional growth opportunities offered by the Federation and STF Professional Learning, and network events we are aware of.

Q. Is there a way to partner with the Federation to communicate better what different professional growth networks exist?

  • Information is provided to all Federation members on a contract, including beginning teachers, as they are entitled to receive a one-year membership to a professional growth network of their choice as part of the privilege of being a STF member. Members just need to login thru MySTF on the Federation’s website to choose their professional growth network every year.
  • Networks have a dedicated section on the Federation website with links to network websites, a Toolkit with related forms and templates, and a link to MySTF where members select their annual choice of network. 
  • A poster is sent to every school in September highlighting professional growth networks.
  • Network ads are placed in the Professional Growth Opportunities catalogue and the Bulletin.
  • Federation staff promotes networks at the career fairs at the University of Regina and University of Saskatchewan.

Q. Is it possible to get a list of other network presidents/executive members sent to all networks?

A. If you would like a list of the emails for network presidents, treasurers, etc., please contact Federation staff at

Q. What type of research is the McDowell Foundation seeking and how do we pursue applying for grants?

A. The McDowell Foundation website has all the information you need,

Q. How is the basic grant determined?

A. Review the Basic Grant information in the Finance section.

Q. Can the STF give financial support for the financial review or audit?

A. The annual basic grant a network receives could pay for that expense.

Q. Is there one accountant to review financial records in Regina and one in Saskatoon for all networks?

A. Review the Audit or Review Procedures in the Finance section. Networks are expected to find their own auditor/reviewer but we have compiled a list of available accountants/bookkeepers who have completed the work for networks. If you would like a list of these individuals, contact Federation staff at

Q. Could we have a professional growth networks fair at the university to attract students?

A. Federation staff attends the career fairs held at the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Regina where information regarding networks is provided to those who attend the Federation display.

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