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Listed here are unit plans currently available for elementary, middle and secondary levels. All unit plans listed support renewed curricula. Elementary and middle level unit plans designed to support renewed curricula are currently being developed. 

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The Saskatchewan Professional Development Unit also offers training in the inquiry approach, particularly as it relates to the renewed Saskatchewan curricula. An inquiry unit planning template is incorporated into their workshops and will be available to download in the future.

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Teachers are invited to submit new unit plans in order to keep the Teaching Materials Centre up-to-date and responsive to teachers’ needs. A letter claiming authorship and granting permission to place the item on our website must accompany contributions.

If copyright materials are used in the unit, the sources must be acknowledged. Please cite the source – title, publisher and date of publication. New materials are reviewed, and if selected they may be edited for grammar and content.

For complete submission guidelines, please see the Unit Writing Checklist.

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Croissance et Developpement - Hygiene 8e Année

Fischer, Gregory. 1995.


L’Image De Soi - Hygiene 7e, 8e, et 9e Année

Prefontaine, Lisette. 1995.


Pas Besoin Des Drogues - Hygiene 7e, 8e, et 9e Année

Holliday, Sharlene. 1995. This model unit deals with drug education for students.


Le roman policier (6e année)

Ministère de l’Éducation de la Saskatchewan. 2001. Le but de cette unité n’est pas d’enseigner tout au sujet du roman policier.


La biographie et l’autobiographie (7e année)

Ministère de l’Éducation de la Saskatchewan. 2001.


La poésie et la chanson contemporaine (8e année)

Ministère de l’Éducation de la Saskatchewan. 2001.


Le débat style discussion dans la salle de classe (6e à 9e année) (Middle Years’ Debate)

Lemieux, Yasmina. 2006.


La famille - hygiène 9e année

Brown, Tonia. 1995. This unit deals with the topic that is often only dealt with at the primary level.