Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Looking Back Looking Ahead


Assessing and Reflecting


This process invites thinking contextually as learners consider the context of time in relation to their learning.


  1. Provide learners with a template that prompts them to consider the context of their learning and how it changes over time – for example: 
    • How might learning about other countries have looked 10 years ago? 
    • What does learning about other countries look like today? 
    • How might learning about other countries look in 5-10 years? 
  2. Invite learners to discuss their thinking in small groups, using prompts such as the following to guide their discussions: 
    • What do you notice as you share and compare your thinking? 
    • What are some patterns you notice? 
    • As you consider changes over time, how might this impact you as a learner?  


Looking Back – Looking Ahead


Adapted from: Lipton, L. & Wellman, B. (2011). Groups at Work: Strategies and Structures for Professional Learning (p. 15). MiraVia.