Provincial Facilitator Community

The Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation, through STF Professional Learning, has developed the Provincial Facilitator Community to support the lifelong learning of teachers by providing innovative and high-quality professional growth opportunities.

This community consists of a diverse group of dedicated educators who are supported in their understanding of quality professional development and the art of facilitation. In turn, participants plan and facilitate professional learning opportunities in their area of expertise for teachers throughout the province.

The Facilitator Community is 94 members strong and growing with 17 school divisions represented. This group of facilitators consists of teachers, administrators and other educational leaders from across the province.

Premise of the Provincial Facilitator Community

  • Teachers leading teachers is a powerful model of professional learning.
  • When professionals have conversations, they can create a shared understanding that spans school and division boundaries.
  • The learning needs of teachers throughout Saskatchewan are diverse; therefore, the expertise of professional learning facilitators also needs to be diverse.

What Teachers Say about the Community

  • “Being involved in the facilitator community has re-energized me as a teacher and also as a member of the STF.”
  • “Best professional development I’ve ever had.”
  • “I go away feeling affirmed and excited to try new strategies in my classroom.”
  • “Planning and working with other teachers elevates all of our teaching practices.”

Benefits of Participating

  • Deepened understanding of how to create and facilitate quality learning opportunities in your area of expertise.
  • Professional development through the Facilitator Series, which is designed to support educators in their many leadership roles.
  • Access to a wide variety of professional development opportunities available in your content area.

Application Process

Intake for the Provincial Facilitator Community takes place in mid-December each year, with the introductory day taking place in spring. Information on how to apply is available at Get Involved when the application process is open.