Requests for Federation Presentations and Greetings



Requests for Federation greetings, including from the STF President, can be sent to the member services managing director.


The Federation is able to provide presentations for local meetings and conventions as plenary session speakers or in breakout sessions. Below is a listing of the sessions available. We strive to provide presentations that are based on our current context and are of importance to the profession. Additional topics may be considered by request. For more information please contact the member services managing director.

Presentation Topics

  • Addressing Equity Issues in Classrooms
  • Are You Financially Healthy?
  • How Do We Talk About This?
  • In Hindsight . . . Pension and Benefit Insights You Should Have Now!
  • Make It Safe – Crucial Conversations
  • Policy and Governance of the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation
  • Provincial Collective Bargaining Agreement 2019-2023
  • Respect, Responsibilities and Relationships: Creating a Positive Classroom Culture
  • Safety in the Classroom – Rights and Responsibilities
  • STF 101
  • Supporting the Wellness of Teachers: Benefits of Membership
  • Teacher Professionalism
  • Understanding Privilege in a Social Justice Context
  • What if They Held a Meeting of Council and No One Attended?

Read about the presentation topics in Invitations, Workshops and Presentation Requests.

To request greetings or presentations, including from the STF President, download the Excel document, fill it out, and send it to the Member Services Managing Director,

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