Requests for Federation Presentations and Greetings


From time to time you may wish to have the members of the senior administrative staff or STF President attend a meeting, event or function for any number of reasons. In these instances, please contact Member Services, and we will arrange for the appropriate individual(s) to attend. The coordination of these activities ensures the right people are made available with the right information or greetings to meet the various needs of local associations.


Requests for Federation greetings, including from the STF President, can be sent to the Managing Director, Member Experiences and Operations. 


The Federation is able to provide presentations for local association meetings and conventions as plenary session speakers or in breakout sessions. Below is a listing of the sessions available. We strive to provide presentations that are based on our current context and are of importance to the profession. Additional topics may be considered by request. For more information please contact the Managing Director, Member Experiences and Operations.

Presentation Topics

  • Are You Financially Healthy?
  • Bargaining Basics: Standing Up for Your Rights as a Teacher
  • Focus on Finance – Improving Your Financial Well-Being
  • How to Talk About the Tough Stuff
  • How Was I Supposed to Know That? Avoiding Missteps and Misunderstandings in the Teaching Profession
  • If You Don’t Take Care of Yourself, Who Will? STF Member Support and Benefits
  • In Hindsight . . . Pension and Benefit Insights You Should Have Now!
  • Inclusion and Diversity in a Professional Context
  • Leading With Courage: Addressing Microaggressions to Create Stronger and More Inclusive Teams
  • Queer Identity with a Professional Lens
  • Safe and Inclusive Learning Environments: Dealing with Difficult Situations/Issues
  • STF 101: What Does Your Federation Do for You?
  • Supercharge Your Support: Tips and Tricks for Teachers and Substitute Teachers in Their First Five Years
  • Teacher Professionalism
  • Why Wasn’t I Taught That? Truth and Reconciliation and the Building of Right Relations

Read about the presentation topics in Invitations, Workshops and Presentation Requests.

To request greetings or presentations, including from the STF President, download the Excel document, fill it out, and send it to the Managing Director, Member Experiences and Operations,

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